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We digitise physical coins, launching our platform with digitised capital gains tax exempt gold sovereign coins.

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Digital ownership of Physical assets

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Why the Gold Sovereign?


Capital Gains Tax (CGT) exempt


The ultimate trusted store of wealth


Excellent historical performance (see below graph)


The worlds oldest coin still in production


Globally recognised, thanks to the British Empire


Non-reportable asset in some jurisdictions


Performance of a range of investment assets since 2008, note that CGT will be payable on profitable sale of stock, shares and property. All profits on gold sovereigns are tax free.


Buy and Sell Physical Gold Sovereigns Digitally

Worldwide Delivery is available, please request delivery via the App

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Dive into the world of numismatics effortlessly. Our platform offers a comprehensive view of coins sourced from trusted suppliers and peer sellers, streamlining the buying and selling process. Explore coin details, pricing, grades, and stock availability with ease.

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At TreasureCloud, you can effortlessly add your graded numismatic sovereigns to the app by simply scanning the barcode. Track their current value and stay updated with daily price updates, ensuring you're always in the know about your portfolio's performance.

Track Your Coin Portfolio Value

Whether you're buying or selling coins, we ensure your portfolio is always up-to-date. With the latest metal prices and price indexes from recent auction sales, you'll have the most accurate information for trading your favourite coins. Keep a close eye on your portfolio, including both purchased and added coins, all in one convenient tab.

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